Clients, blogs & 365!

Hello everyone!
I hope your year is coming off to a great start! I know that mine is. It was a little shaky at first but I think things are really coming around :]
For starters! I have definitely been taking tons of pictures lately, as well as trying to take one every day for the whole year.
I went on an amazing road trip with some of my closest friends just last week and it was absolutely incredible. I learned so much about them in such a small period of time but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I took so many photos and videos I had to buy a whole new memory card just to make space! But, it was worth it. These memories I know will last forever and I’m so happy I was able to share in them.

Now onto the project!
So, I told myself I’d be taking a photo a day. That is actually quite easy. I think the hard part is finding something you think is “interesting” enough to capture, without repeating yourself. However, with this project, I realized it’s not that difficult to find new things. You just have to step outside the box a little and see what’s in store for you.

As for my business?
Oh, that is spreading like wild fire. A new friend I made got in touch with me a little over a month ago and told me that she wanted to use me for a wedding she’s hosting, so without hesitation I said yes, of course.
And now? It’s all official. I completed the contracts for her to sign, and she got those back to me, we have the engagement shoot arranged, as well as the day of the wedding, and the best part? I get to do this as a team with one of my best friends who’s going to be doing the make-up for the wedding. I’m so stoked! This is so unreal…
And what makes this EVEN BETTER (because I honestly didn’t think it possibly could) is that I might have TWO MORE weddings to add!
Two other friends of mine know people who need photographers and really like my work and want to consider me! This is crazy!
I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens, but in all, I’m just really happy for this. I never thought I was “wedding photography” material but clearly my work says otherwise.
Thank you, all of you for your feedback and comments! They mean so much to me and I always continue to learn more and more with the advice I get from you all.

XO, Tori


365 or 52? ♥

Hello all!

I hope everyone is enjoying their winter (or summer! depending where you are ;)), because I know I am. I’ve been thinking a lot recently on how I can really improve my photography and despite all of the different challenges that have come up I realized that making a blog was actually one of the easiest solutions to it.

So here I have it. But…what exactly is this going to accomplish, you might ask?

Well, next year starting January 1 I am going to be doing a photography project. My many efforts to start one of these in the past have definitely been inconsistent, but I figure now that my business is starting to slowly lift off the ground, I should allow myself to grow by expanding my creativity, and in turn strengthen the love for my passion, photography.

The more I take pictures of “ordinary” things (air quotes for the standard form of ordinary) I notice that I begin to really enjoy what I’m capturing. Whether it be a simple image of a tea mug on a coffee table, or one of my dogs taking their noon day siesta, I start to see the beauty in the little things we seem to forget about day by day. So of course, a photography project that I can stick to should suffice. One photo a day? Sounds fine to me!

As for the 52 week project, I thought that one might be a tad more inconsistent, because after 6 days, I’d probably forget about the project LOL, so I don’t think that would work for me. But 365? That’s a challenge. That would mean that I would need to utilize all of my surroundings, big or small. And now that it’s down in writing I should be able to commit 😉

Who knows, it might actually be something I really enjoy! So for all those who need a spark of creativity, do something that requires even just a little bit of your commitment. Don’t shy away from opportunities to give yourself, because you never know what they have in store 🙂

XO, Tori.

New Site Updates!

Hello everyone! I didn’t exactly announce it on here so I guess I’ll do that now. I have an official photography portfolio up as well as my Facebook page! I’m so excited to be able to share that with you guys, because it took a lot of effort and energy to get everything the way it is. I’ll put the links below 🙂

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

XO, Tori.



Oh, life. #thestruggle

Ever have those days when everything just seems to be going wrong all at once? And no, I don’t mean complete tragedies. I’m talking about the smallest #firstworldproblems that really shouldn’t be as big a deal as they are, but seem to be anyways. Type A people, y’all know what I mean.

This week I had a couple payments due. Ok, no big deal. I had the money, whatever. You see, that hasn’t been too much of a problem lately. It was the fact that in my mind BECAUSE it wasn’t a big deal that it became an even bigger problem. Reason being is because it had totally escaped my mind the minute it didn’t become a problem, thus becoming a problem. Still following?

Good. If not, I’ll clarify. A lot of things that aren’t problems to me can become problems when I let them fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” category stored in my brain, thus leading to a missed payment as well as a missed deadline for something else that was important this week. And if that wasn’t stressful enough, keep reading.

I also came to find out that my lightening charger for my iPhone suffered that horrid “scrunch of death” near the head of the charger, thus enabling it…well…disabled. Thankfully, I did have an extra back up charger that isn’t apple certified in my drawer. It’s one of those silly things that works for 2 days then you have to start tweaking with it to get it positioned right. So I did that, it’s still annoying, but it works for the meantime until my other ones comes in the mail. Yes, OTHERS for more back up reasons. Better safe than sorry.

Oh! But here’s the best part. I go to work this morning, barely mess around a bit on my laptop and guess what? Yep! That goes dead too. The adapter burned out after a year and a half. Now, that’s actually quite impressive due to the fact since I bought my computer I’ve been on it roughly 4/7 days of the week. So normal wear and tear is at fault. But that’s just it, these little “problems” really aren’t problems at all. Just surprises. If I knew it would burn out today I would’ve had a new one ready to be used. This goes for my iPhone charger as well.

That’s how I see things now. Just unforeseen circumstances. Things I cannot control, and definitely not let control me. So this is something for all of you OCD and Type A people out there, who like me, do not really like change as rapidly as that. There’s hope. You will be ok. Just make sure you have a spare anything in case one of these little surprises creeps up on you too. 😉

This is IT.

Photos are going up today on my Facebook page! So once they’re completed, I’ll give you the link & you can check them out 🙂

I’m so excited to be able to show everyone what I’ve been working on.
Editing them was amazing, taking them was just as great & it really got my creative juices flowing.

Stepping out of my comfort zone is what gave me the push I needed & I’m so happy I did just that.
I took a chance on different techniques only to find the one I’ve been looking for for so long.
Even working with images where the light was off by a long shot or my angles didn’t look as good.

You can change all of that!

With a little highlighting & rotation you’d be surprised just how much of a difference is made in your images.

A little goes a long way, my friends, I’m seeing that first hand.

XO, Tori.


Hello again!
Coming at you today with a double post & great enthusiasm as I await the relaunching of my Facebook page.

It’s hard to say goodbye to old photos, especially when you know just how sentimental they can be. But it’s also quite refreshing to present others with a brand new feed full of life & greater techniques you’ve learned over years at a time.

I think that’s what gets me the most.
My eye is so different than what it used to be. I remember feeling so timid about “shooting” people, when in fact I’m actually quite good at it.
I was so used to still life photos every other day when I didn’t realize photography had a whole other side to it that I just needed to dive into.
And with that, I’m so happy I did. I came to know my style just in some time by trying out things I never knew I could.

It all starts when you step out of your so called bubble & really branch out to find the beauty in things different from the norm.

I always hope to continue to learn, no matter how many mistakes I make along the way. At least I know that I’ve tried & I wasn’t afraid to try something new.

I’m proud of my progress & can’t wait to see what else awaits me this far 🙂

XO, Tori.

Workouts & Photoshoots •

Saturday was officially my first photoshoot!
Within the past 2 years I’ve been able to shoot for family events, anniversaries, including small gatherings for friends, but never for full on clothing, hair AND makeup.

I decided to collab with one of my models who’s also one of my closest friends that’s starting up her own makeup portfolio & instead of doing separate shoots we merged the two into one!
So it’s a win/win right?
Here’s a preview of our shoot just to give you a taste! 😉




Ah! & of course, to address the “workout” segment of this post, yes, I did in fact get a workout from this shoot. People wouldn’t guess the types of positions we as photographers get into to get the perfect shot, but I can tell you it’s worth every second. So squat, lean, jump, climb, trail, ANYTHING you need to do to make sure you capture exactly what you want. The results might be surprising.

XO, Tori.

Easy like a Sunday morning :)

I don’t know what it is about Sunday mornings. Maybe it’s the cool breeze that wanders into the living room when the french doors open, or that fresh smell of newly brewed coffee.

Or maybe it’s just that I was able to sleep in on a day like this.

Waking up with ease & sliding on my favorite slippers. Just the thought of taking things easy is what gives me peace of mind. I was even able to take a few shots with my Canon a-1 this morning. I’m so excited about this camera. A good friend of mine gave it to me a while back but I hadn’t been able to use it yet because I needed a new battery. So I went online, browsed around & found a pack of 20 for about $7. I knew I couldn’t pass that up! But I’ll explain more of that in a later post.

I hope everyone’s weekend was great like mine was! Despite having to go to the dentist & being told I’ll need to get my 2 bottom wisdom teeth out. Ouch. I guess I’ll save that experience too. Maybe I’ll even be able to get it on camera! 😉

Misleading Advertisements

Anyone planning on picking up an iPhone 6 from Verizon in hopes of an easy trade in?
Well, I can tell you this. Skip it.
I went to two different stores today & had I known that I wasn’t able to pick the phone up without having to pay the actual amount for the phone, I never would’ve considered it.

I’ll give you the break down:
You go into one of the corporate stores.
You wait for a sales rep, & you tell them you want to trade in your old iPhone for a new one.


There’s a catch!
Remember the commercial Verizon has been using lately with a guy & his Siri companion & he’s taking his iPhone to a Verizon store right after he hears about the new promotion?

Well, they don’t make it that easy.

The sales rep told me to pay the $200 + tax upfront THEN send in my iPhone to trade & wait until they get back to me with my gift card.
I don’t know where my phone is going, how it’s getting there & if it’s getting the right care.
For all I know they could be damaging it before it gets appraised so they don’t have to give me the money they said they could.

That’s why I kindly rejected it. I figure, if I have to pay upfront I might as well wait 4 months until my upgrade. Because this is not worth it.

I love Verizon. But whoever does their marketing is extremely misleading. I wish I had just called instead of having to go to two stores to see what’s up with this deal.
Oh well!

My cases will be here before I know it. So I’ll just hold on to them until I get my phone!

XO, Tori.

To New Beginnings!

So, I didn’t want to be completely cheesy with this post but I simply cannot contain how happy I am right now. I bought my first website! I made the step that I’ve been contemplating for over 2 years now. I wasn’t exactly sure where I really wanted to go with it, but I knew that I wanted to further any work that I’ve made for myself. So of course, I made it official as of today.

Here, I will be posting the wonderful things I’ve accomplished, put together, personal milestones, & of course, my art!

So make yourself comfortable! Kick back, relax, & enjoy the random ramblings of my ever wandering mind.

XO, Tori.